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The Paterson Wilberforce Football Club was a U.S. soccer team which played in the National Association Football League in the early twentieth century.


Based out of Paterson, New Jersey, Wilberforce F.C. began as an amateur team. In 1909, Wilberforce joined the professional National Association Football League (NAFBL). While the first season went poorly for the team, they finished at the bottom of the standings, they quickly rose to the top three in the league the next three seasons. In 1913, Wilberforce began the season, but withdrew after eleven games.


Year League Reg. Season American Cup
1909/10 NAFBL 8th Third Round
1910/11 NAFBL 2nd  ?
1911/12 NAFBL 2nd  ?
1912/13 NAFBL 3rd  ?
1913/14 NAFBL Withdrew  ?


League Championship

  • Runner Up (2): 1911, 1912

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