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Pathans in Kashmir (also called Kashmiri Pathans) include Pashtun people (Pathans) and their descendants who have settled in the Kashmir region of South Asia. There are a large number of Muslims throughout Kashmir who claim Pashtun ancestry through forefathers who migrated to the region. While exact numbers are hard to determine, cursory estimates put the number of these Pathans above 100,000.[1] Many of these Pathans have over time absorbed Kashmiriyat, although some Pashtunwali customs and aspects of Pashtun culture are still notably practiced among the community.


Amiri named pashtun Clan is present in Downtown and Magarmal Bagh area of srinagar.In July 1954 (shortly after the partition), some 100,000 Pashtun tribesmen living in Jammu and Kashmir who previously did not hold nationality effectively became Indian citizens.[1] According to The Hindu, the ceremony was presided by the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad at the village of Gutligabh near Srinagar, during which citizenship certificates were presented in batches. The prime minister paid a tribute to the Pashtun community for its "role in the country's liberation struggle" and also to Pashtun nationalist leaders such as Bacha Khan. Leaders of the Pashtun community pledged their loyalty to their adopted homeland.[1]

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