Pathein District

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Pathein District
District of Ayeyarwady Division
Pathein District is located in Burma
Pathein District
Pathein District
Coordinates: 16°45′0″N 94°30′0″E / 16.75000°N 94.50000°E / 16.75000; 94.50000Coordinates: 16°45′0″N 94°30′0″E / 16.75000°N 94.50000°E / 16.75000; 94.50000
Country Myanmar
Division Ayeyarwady
District Pathein
 • Total 10,899.8 km2 (4,208.42 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 1,769,280
Time zone MST (UTC6:30)

Pathein District (Burmese: ပုသိမ်ခရိုင်) is a district of Ayeyawady Division, Myanmar. It is located around the city of Pathein and includes the urban area of it. The area of the Pathein District is 10900 km². Its population was 1,769,280 in 2001.[citation needed]

Map of Pathein District


The district consists of the following townships:


The district contains 9 cities:

It contains 48 wards, 519 village groups and 2963 villages.