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This article is about Bangladesh Media Academy. For the 2010 Bollywood film, see Paathshaala.

Pathshala, the South Asian Institute Media Institute was set up in 1998 by the Bangladesh photographer, writer and activist Shahidul Alam [1], as "Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography". Student awards have included first prize in World Press Photo Contest, The National Geographic All Roads Awards, and the Prix PIctet. Several students have made it to the "PDN's 30" and other lists. It is affiliated to Sunderland University and Bolton University in the UK. Oslo University College in Norway, Edith Cowan University in Australia [2] and The Danish School of Journalism [3]. It provides a Bachelors degree in photography which is, however, not recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) or National University [4]. Affiliation with the country's oldest university, Dhaka University, is in process.

Pathshala is the teaching wing of Drik Picture Library Ltd. [5] The school has however received death threats by fundamentalists claiming photography is un-Islamic [6]. The school is now in its twelfth year. [7][8] Students have been active in social movements [9] and have organised exhibitions addressing social concerns at overseas events. [10]

Pathshala, after consultations with international and local experts and local stakeholders, has now been set up as a media academy, to help strengthen other fields of media. [11] Two new faculties, broadcast journalism and multimedia journalism have been included.

Since 2007 Pathshala alumni, GMB Akash, Munem Wasif, Andrew Biraj and Saiful Huq Omi, have been selected for the Joop Swart Masterclass run by World Press Photo Foundation. Pathshala alumni Khaled Hasan and Saiful Huq Omi have won the National Geographic All Roads Awards, while alumni Munem Wasif received the Prix Pictet Commission on "Water".

Former student Hasib Zakaria is vice principal of Pathshala. A five year programme to develop a network of rural photojournalists, is underway. The World Press Photo Foundation in partnership with Drik Picture Library and Pathshala are implementing the programme.

Teachers at Pathshala[edit]

have included: Robert Pledge [12], Reza Deghati, Ian Berry [13], Raghu Rai, Pablo Bartholomew [14], Philip Blenkinsop [15], Rob Mounfort [16], David Wells [17], David de Souza [18], Dominic Sansoni [19], Nicola Robbers [20], Louis Zaal [21], Sasa Krajl, Rupert Grey [22], John Kippin [23], Peter Fryer [24], Pedro Meyer [25], Morten Krogvold [26], Jack Picone [27], Jenny Matthews [28], Tim Hetherington [29], Witold Krassowski [30], David Bathgate [31], Kirsten Claire, Eddie Bissel, Gabe Newell [32], and Andrew Patrick.


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