Patriarch Kalinik II of Serbia

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Kalinik II the Greek (Serbian: Калиник II Грк, Latin: Callinicus II) was the Patriarch of Serbs and the last Patriarch of Peć (1765–1766) before the Ottoman Empire abolished the Patriarchate of Peć for the fifth and last time. Kalinik resigned his title and sent a petition to the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople asking for the abolition of the Peć patriarchate, citing accumulated debts as the main reason for this motion, signed by him and 5 other bishops. On 11 September 1766, The Patriarch of Constantinople convinced the Sultan to abolish the Patriarchate of Peć and place its dioceses under the jurisdiction of Constantinople. However a metropolitan bishop remained in Belgrade during the period of the Peć patriarchate's abolition.


Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Patriarch of Serbs
Post abolished by Ottoman Empire
Title next held by
Dimitrije (1920)