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Location within Heidelberg. PHV is dark red.

Patrick Henry Village, also called PHV, was a United States Army installation at Heidelberg, Germany. It opened in 1947 after World War II and was named after Patrick Henry, first and sixth Governor of Virginia.

PHV was at its height populated with up to 16,000 Americans. The housing area closed on 6 September 2013.[1]

In 2002, the US Army planned a large extension of the housing area. However, soon afterwards the Army announced the closure of all Heidelberg and Mannheim facilities.

After the attacks on the twin towers in 2001 in New York PHV was fenced in and an access only became possible through guarded check points with an installation pass. The yearly American 'Volksfest' was also cancelled.

Former facilities[edit]

In its final state, Patrick Henry Village had a large number of educational, recreational and public facilities as well as shops and dining facilities. Schools included Patrick Henry Elementary School (Grades K-5) and Heidelberg Middle School (Grades 6-8). Recreational facilities included a gym, a bowling alley, a miniature golf course, a movie theater, tennis courts and baseball fields. Public services included a clinic for dentistry, a library, a post office as well as a Roman Catholic and a Protestant church.

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