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Patrick J. (Pat) O'Rahilly is President and Chief Executive Officer of Aspen Marketing Services, a privately held marketing services firm in the United States.

O'Rahilly currently lives in St. Charles, Illinois.

Early career[edit]

O’Rahilly began his career as owner of several automobile dealerships where he designed and executed his own marketing campaigns and promotions.

In the early- to mid-1980s, O’Rahilly, who had initially relied upon television and radio advertisements to drive sales at his dealerships, began designing and implementing direct mail campaigns. The response was overwhelming, and over the next four years, sales rose by 40% to 50% annually.

CMI and Aspen Marketing Services[edit]

In 1986, O’Rahilly formed a new venture called Creative Marketing International (CMI) and sold off his dealerships. CMI had contracts to send direct mail for more than 1,000 auto dealerships nationwide.

In 1998, CMI was purchased by Aspen Marketing Services, based in West Chicago, IL. O’Rahilly was named Group President, and in 2002 was named President and CEO of Aspen Marketing. Today Aspen is the largest privately held marketing services firm in the United States.

During his tenure, Aspen Marketing Services has made five acquisitions: SRI Analytics (2005), DVC Worldwide (2006), Townsend Agency (2007), Newgen Results Corp. (2007) and Experiencia (2008).[1]

O'Rahilly won Ernst & Young's Business Services Award for the Midwest Region in 2008.[2]


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