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Patrick Maher
Portrait of American author Patrick Maher by Khun Nan, 2010
Born (1965-05-11)May 11, 1965
East Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Genre Fiction
Notable works

Candid Confessions

Pleng's Song

Patrick Maher (born 1965 in Grand Rapids, Michigan), is an American writer. He has written two books, Candid Confessions and Pleng's Song. A third, Memories of Gaslight, has not yet been published.[1]


Maher's first novel, Candid Confessions, reached No. 1 on Amazon Japan's best seller list and was the third best selling foreign literary novel with Japan in 2001. The novel received a very positive review from Male Pig's Magazine.[2]

In May 2008, Maher announced that he was writing a book called Memories of Gaslight with a setting split between his hometown of East Grand Rapids, Michigan and Bangkok, Thailand. The main character of the novel "turns to his recollections of the sounds, sights and voices of Gaslight Village",[3] for strength. The book has yet to be published.

Maher was caught in the 2011 Thailand Floods and interviewed with the Christian Science Monitor.[4] Maher nearly drowned during a foraging expedition, but he was picked up by a passing boat after almost an hour of standing in neck-high water.[5]

After the five week floods, Maher wrote Pleng's Song, which was reviewed by his international school after completion.[6] The book was released in April 2012.[6][7] The story chronicles a young girl's adventure in the Bangkok floods, surviving without the help of her parents, whose divorce had been kept secret from Pleng. The Nation (Thailand) reviewed Maher's book, giving it two thumbs up, but at the same time claimed the book suffered from "stylistic clumsiness".[8] Meanwhile, the Times of India praised the book for its "language of simplicity" but criticized the "incredible pace bordering on a state of confusion".[9] The Republica claimed the book holds political symbolism that "instills optimism, hope, and faith in humanity" and encourages readers"to be benevolent and good-hearted.[10] The Kathmandu Post felt Maher's work was a rehashing of past classic work. "Whether it was the Daniel Defoe classic Robinson Crusoe, or Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, or even Tom Hanks as desert island survivor Chuck Noland in the 2000 film Cast Away, we’ve seen many versions of the story," the newspaper stated.[11] Tripoli Post claimed the book “gained international recognition for its style of simplicity and intrinsic optimistic tone that is an ode to humanity's will to survive.” [12] The Himalayan Times referred to the book as an “optimistic narrative” “that chronicles the turmoil, pain and fear of a young girl who faces world alone.” [13]

In an interview published in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Maher claimed the book was "never intended to be a flooding adventure".[7] In a later interview with Zee News, Maher claimed “the story definitely makes children question their lives.” [14]

Personal life[edit]

Maher grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and was the son of a successful pediatric allergist and an emotionally troubled mother.[1] He attended the The Hill School[1] and East Grand Rapids High School.[1][3] He also attended Skidmore College[1] and Albion College.[1] In 1995, Maher immigrated to Pusan, South Korea. He then moved to Hiroshima, Japan, followed by Kokura, where he wrote Candid Confessions. Five years later, he moved to Thailand, where he married an insurance agent in 2001. Although he once desired to travel the world, Maher has decided to live in Bangkok.[6]

Maher is currently living in Klongsamwa, Thailand,[2] with his wife and two children.[3][15] He is currently a teacher at an international school in Thailand. He bought a new house in Bangkok in 2011, right before the floods.[4]


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