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Patrick Mulcahey is an award-winning American television writer who graduated from Yale University.


Among his accomplishments, Mulcahey wrote The Bold and the Beautiful's 5,000th episode. In a recent interview, he acknowledged his close friendships with CBS Daytime's Senior Vice President Barbara Bloom, Robert Guza Jr., Nancy Lee Grahn, and the late Douglas Marland. He described the working relationship between Wendy Riche (former Executive Producer of GH) and Guza Jr. as "oil and water", and speaks highly of her. He also spoke highly of former Guiding Light Head Writer, Nancy Curlee, calling her a "meticulous" writer whose presence is greatly missed on daytime television.

He accused Gloria Monty of decimating General Hospital, and called Jackie Smith and John Conboy "clueless and comical".[1]

However, in a later interview with TV Guide (Canada) he clarified that he wasn't accusing Gloria Monty of decimating General Hospital. In fact, that opinion he stated was a "interpretation of something I said about GH, which I believe to be true — and that was that GH is very difficult to write because the generational structure of the show, with the exception of the Quartermaines, was decimated. By the time I got to GH, the Baldwins and all the rest of the families were gone. At least our families are still intact on The Bold and the Beautiful. But you know, Nelson, soaps are not about romance — they are about families. If two people fall in love, murder each other, or rob a bank, no one cares if no one is connected to those characters [and creates a fuss]. To me, that was something Monty didn’t care about, but at the same time, I wouldn’t say she destroyed the show in any sense. Obviously she gave it new life." [2]

Writing positions[edit]

General Hospital

  • Associate Head/Breakdown Writer (1998- October 1999)
  • Script Writer (1996 - October 1999)

Guiding Light

  • Co-Head Writer (1994)
  • Breakdown Writer (1993–1994)
  • Script Writer (1992–1994)
  • Head Writer (1982)

Santa Barbara

  • Script Writer (1984–1990)


  • Script Writer (1980–1981)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Mulcahey has been nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy Awards, beginning in 1982 for Guiding Light, and received five Emmys. He also has been nominated for 8 Writers Guild of America Awards (WGA), and won 3 times (1990, 1991 & 1997). [1]


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