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Patrick Saint-Éloi "créole lover" was a French singer native of Guadeloupe, born 20 October 1958 in Pointe-à-Pitre and died of cancer 18 September 2010 in Le Moule.

His name remains associated with the group Kassav'. He left the band in 2002. Patrick Saint-Eloi is one of the pioneer of the fast Zouk beton . He was a beloved compas artist who released many popular albums and CDs. His first solo album released in 1985 "Mizik Sé Lanmou" ("Music is Love") was an instant success. He still has a large fan base in many places like Haiti, the French Antilles, Paris, Africa, etc. The compas style has lost an important voice expressing deep emotion.



  • 1984 Misik Cé l'Anmou (label : Moradisc)
  • 1990 A la Demande (label : BLV)
  • 1992 Bizouk (label : Sonodisc)
  • 1994 Zoukamine (label : Sonodisc)
  • 1998 Lovtans (label : Sonodisc)
  • 2002 Swing Karaib (label : Lusafrica)
  • 2005 Plézi (label : Lusafrica)

Live albums[edit]

  • 1997 Live A l'Olympia (label : Note A Bene)


  • 2007 Zoukolexion Vol. 1 (label : Note A Bene)
  • 2008 Zoukolexion Vol. 2 (label : Note A Bene)

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