Patrouille Suisse

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Patrouille Suisse
Swiss Air Force Aerobatic team
Patrouille Suisse at ILA 2010 07.jpg
Over Berlin, Germany, at ILA 2010
Active 8 August 1964 – present
Country   Switzerland
Branch Swiss Air Force
Role Aerobatic Team
Size 9 Officers, 21 ground crew
Colors Red, White
Aircraft flown
Fighter 6 Northrop F-5E Tiger II
Transport 1 Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The Patrouille Suisse is an aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force. The team flies six Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighter/bomber jets.


Patrouille Suisse with four aircraft in "shadow" formation
Patrouille Suisse PC-6 V-622 "Felix"

The Patrouille Suisse flew its Hawker Hunters for the last time in 1994 and transferred to the faster and more maneuverable Northrop F-5E Tiger II. In 1996 smoke systems were installed to increase the team's visual appeal. In April the following year, a Pilatus PC-6 Porter single-engine turboprop light aircraft, painted in the team's colour scheme, was added for the team to use as a support aircraft.[1]

In February 2013, the Swiss Minister of Defence, Ueli Maurer, stated that the Patrouille Suisse would be disbanded by early 2016 due to the withdrawal of the F-5 from Swiss Air Force service.[2] One possible plan was to equip the team with the F/A-18, but since the decision not to buy 22 Gripen Es, the air force will have insufficient F/A-18s to do this.[3]


The Patrol Suisse currently flies six Northrop F-5E Tiger II aircraft. These six are the only ones in the fleet to be fitted with smoke generators.[citation needed]

They are also used for other purposes such as training and, by the Target squadron 12, as target tugs because of their high visibility colouring.[citation needed]

Pilatus PC-6 V-622 "Felix" is also painted in the Patrol Suisse coulours and is used to transport the Commander, speaker, and groundcrew.[4]

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