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Pau Cin Hau is the founder, and the name of a religion followed by some Tedim and Hakha Chin in the north-western part of Burma.

Pau Cin Hau was born at Lailui Khua, in the Tedim Khuapi Uksung in 1859; and lived until 1948. He started a religious movement based on the worship of a god known as Pasian.

Pau Chin Hau (script)
ISO 15924 Pauc, 263
Direction Left-to-right
Unicode alias
Pau Cin Hau

He also invented a script (Zotuallai or ZOTUAL LAI),[1] now called Pau Cin Hau. Today, apart from the Pau Cin Hau system, there is also a written language using the Roman alphabet.


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