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Paul Burch is an American musician, songwriter, composer, producer, and bandleader.


Paul Burch is a recording artist for 'Plowboy Records'.[1] Burch is an unusual American musician who, according to his former record label, lives in or near Tennessee.[2] He is said to own and drive several automobiles, enjoys good food and drink,[3] fine paintings and sculpture, baseball, and most dogs. He plays cards on Saturday nights, often in the company of women, and is fond of the music of Charlie Patton.[4] According to CMT Edge [5] he is "not crazy about following rules."

It is known that Burch moved to Nashville in the early 1990s where he performed nightly marathon shows at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, one of Nashville's most notorious honky tonks, making fans of Marianne Faithfull and Chet Atkins and forming his backing band, The WPA Ballclub. Burch's performances and the Lower Broadway scene garnered national attention and a feature in Billboard by former Rolling Stone bureau chief Chet Flippo.[6] Burch's debut album Pan-American Flash was praised by Flippo as “extraordinary, establishing Burch as a leader in marrying country’s roots traditions with a modern sensibility”.[7] The album was also voted the fifth best country album of the 1990s by

Since "Pan American Flash," Burch has released eight long playing albums as well as a joint collection with the Waco Brothers in 2012, Great Chicago Fire which was praised by the Chicago Tribune: "If the Rolling Stones were still making great records, this would be it."[8]

Burch's songs have appeared on several film and television soundtracks including The Appalachians, The Rookie, and A History of Violence.[9]

The latest album Fevers [10] was produced by Burch along with Fats Kaplin. The album was co-produced by bassist Dennis Crouch and pianist Jen Gunderman,[11] both longtime contributors to the WPA Ballclub.

The WPA Ballclub will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2014.[12]


  • Pan-American Flash (1996)
  • Wire to Wire (1997)
  • Blue Notes (2000)
  • Last of my Kind (2001)
  • Fool for Love (2003)
  • East to West (2006)
  • Still Your Man (2009)
  • WPABallclub Record Club (2010) "Limited Release"
  • Words of Love (2011)
  • Great Chicago Fire (2012)
  • Fevers (2013)


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