Paul Clements

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Paul Clements
Born 1961
Dallas, Texas
Alma mater Harvard University
Princeton University
Occupation Professor
Political party
Spouse(s) Aedin
Children Two
Campaign site

Paul Clements is a professor of political science at Western Michigan University. A member of the Democratic Party, Clements is running for Congress in Michigan's 6th congressional district.

Personal life and education[edit]

Clements was born in Dallas, Texas in 1961. His father was a social worker with a Methodist Church, and Clements spent much of his childhood in India and Hong Kong.[1] Clements met his wife, Aedin, while both were volunteering in Africa.[2] In 2006, Clements's older daughter was involved in a near-fatal auto crash, spending 10 days in a coma before ultimately making a recovery.[3]

Clements graduated with High Honors from Harvard University in 1984.[4] Clements earned a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Princeton University in 1996, writing a dissertation titled "Development as if Impact Mattered: A Comparative Organizational Analysis of USAID, the World Bank and CARE."[5] Ben Bernanke served as one of Clements's doctoral advisers.[6]


Clements served in the Peace Corps, teaching math in The Gambia from 1985 to 1987. Clements remained in Africa until 1990, serving with ActionAid and USAid.[2]

Clements was hired as an assistant professor at Western Michigan University in 1996, becoming a full professor in 2009.[4] Clements serves as the director of Western Michigan University's International Development Administration Program, which has affiliations with the Peace Corps.[2] His areas of expertise include the evaluation of foreign aid, social science methodology, African politics, political development, and political philosophy.[5] Some of Clements's projects include evaluating Heifer International's programs in Tanzania and Ghana, developing a quality assurance program for the United Nations Development Programme, and developing an evaluation system for a water infrastructure project in Brazil.[7]

2014 Congressional candidacy[edit]

Clements is running for Congress in Michigan's 6th congressional district.[7] The seat is currently held by Republican Fred Upton.


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