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DJ Paul Edge
CSI STILL2323.jpg
DJ Paul Edge featured on CSI-Las Vegas, Episode 9.04 entitled "Let It Bleed". US air date October 31, 2008, CBS.
Background information
Also known as DJ Paul Edge, The Shaman DJ, Twister, Mr Bishi
Born (1963-12-25) December 25, 1963 (age 50)
Origin Barnet, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Genres Psychedelic Dance Music, Electronica, Techno, trance, dance,
Occupations Disc jockey, record producer
Years active 1991 - present
Labels Grown Up Music (1995)
Response Audio (1996–2005)
Nitric (1995–1996)
Bonzai (2009–present)

Paul Edge (born December 25, 1963) is a British DJ and record producer of electronic dance music.


Edge was born in London and raised in Limerick, Ireland, where from a young age he was immersed in Irish Music. As an adult, he launched a popular club night known as "The Outer Limits."[citation needed] Paul Edge achieved global recognition for his agit-prop movies.[citation needed] On October 31, 2008, Edge made a cameo appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.[1]

The Outer Limits[edit]

The Outer Limits was a Bournemouth based club known for introducing new emerging music. Paul Edge started The Outer Limits in 1992 and acted as resident DJ. As The Outer Limits grew in stature, events were held around the world, including Canada (The First World Trance Festival in Toronto in association with Destiny Productions) and the USA (The Galaxy Project at Twilo in New York City in association with Phato Productions).[citation needed]

DJing and Production[edit]

In 1995 under the name Twister, Paul Edge released the single "Metamorphosis of Narcotics." on Belgium's Nitric Records. In 1996 Edge released a second single on Nitric, "Paradoxical Paradigms".

In 1997, The Outer Limits co-promoted the first annual World Trance Festival, in Toronto, with Destiny Promotions. The three-day event, featuring nearly 100 artists, was the largest dance festival in city history at the time.[citation needed] The festival became infamous as the "Tornado Rave", when on the opening night, three tornadoes surrounded the valley in which the event was taking place. After the first night's devastation, the festival proceeded as scheduled after the Toronto ravers surrounded the site and provided light from their cars to allow the organisers to rebuild the main stage.[citation needed]

Edge made his first US appearance in New York City in 2007 for the 10th anniversary of the World Trance Festival. A year later, The Outer Limits and Phato co-promoted the Galaxy Project, At New York City’s Twilo nightclub, at which Edge performed a headlining set for an audience of 3,000.[citation needed]

Edge released "Sequence 23", the debut release on his own Response Audio record label, which later became RAD23.

In 2000, Edge terminated The Outer Limits to focus on his producing career. That year he held a 12-city tour of North America, with attendance topping 20,000.[citation needed] The Outer Limits Tour features Paul Edge and The Advent live.

In 2001, he released "Wappi" on his RAD23 label. In fall 2001, he headlines the U.S. atop the Nintendo Cube Tour.[citation needed] The tour’s final stop is a week-long, eight-hour-a-day DJ engagement at the Mall of America, in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

In 2002 and 2003, Paul Edge launched the "Remote Control" USA tour. He became one of the first DJs to bring the emerging Electro-Clash sound to North America.[citation needed]

In 2003 he released "Live In Phoenix" as an Internet-only, free download. The 90-minute mix was downloaded more than five million times. The Wappi Remixes were released on RAD23 with remixes from Edge, Andreas Kaufelt and The Horrorist. A limited edition remix release of "Metamorphosis of Narcotics", the final release on RAD23, sold out.

We Will Not Be Silenced[edit]

In 2004, Edge wrote and produced We Will Not Be Silenced, a video production response to the rising body count in Iraq. The movies are the product of Paul Edge and Mike Trussler. In 2006, a second movie, We Will Not Be Silenced Part 11 was released. The movie took 6 months to complete and utilizes Cinema 3D and After Effects technology. In it, Edge samples Barry McGuire’s 1960s folk anthem "Eve of Destruction".

NOLAAID and Unlock The Doors[edit]

After hearing his recreation of "Five To One" in February 2005, The Doors authorized Edge to move forward with his project Unlock the Doors, a cover album of Doors songs in trance and techno styles. Ray Manzarek said of Edge's work, "I think that’s the way we (the Doors) should do all our re-mixes. Other people can futz around with our stuff, but we should remain true to the original conception and then bring it up to today’s style. This guy did a great job. Go with it."[citation needed]

Following Hurricane Katrina, Edge and The Doors launched NOLA AID, a website featuring a video of Katrina-ravaged images set to Edge's rework of "Riders On The Storm". The site received more than 500,000 visits, raising $250,000 for The American Red Cross and other direct charities.

Due to contractual issues, the seven completed covers in Unlock The Doors were never released.

Psychedelic Dance Music and The Shaman DJ[edit]

While working on the "Unlock the Doors" project, Edge noticed some unusual frequency interactions on the original recordings. After studying the recordings of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Edge developed a new style of dance music based on these anomalies, which he called "psychedelic dance music."[citation needed]


DJ Paul Edge discography

Single Releases

  • 1995: Clap Your Legs - Grown Up Music
  • 1999: Clap Your Other Legs - Response Audio
  • 1999: Concresence - Response Audio
  • 2000: Invisible - Response Audio
  • 2001: Amsterdamaged EP - Response Audio
  • 2002: Incubation - Response Audio
  • 2004: The Truth Will Out - RAD23
  • 2004: Melissa - RAD23
  • 2005: Wappi Remixes (Part 1 and 2) - RAD23
  • 2008: Acid Seduction - Communique Digital
  • 2009: The Rhythm - Communique Digital
  • 2009: Release Yourself - Bonzai (September 22, 2009)
  • 2009: Metamorphosis of Narcotics (Remixes) - Bonzai (due October 2009)


  • 1995: Metamorphosis of Narcotics - Nitric
  • 1996: Paradoxical Paradigms - Nitric
  • 1998: The Outer Limits EP - Response Audio
  • 2001: Sequence 23 - Response Audio
  • 2005: Wappi - RAD23
  • 2005: Metamorphosis of Narcotics (Final Cut) - Response Audio
  • 2009: Holographic World - DJ Ionic - Banshee Worx

Twister discography

Single Releases

  • 1995: Sequence 23/Blue - Grown Up Music
  • 1995: Kosmik Trigger - Grown Up Music
  • 1995: Metamorphosis of Narcotics - Nitric
  • 1996: Paradoxical Paradigms - Nitric
  • 1998: The Outer Limits ep - Response Audio
  • 1999: Temporal Hierarchy - Response Audio
  • 2000: Twisted Development - Response Audio
  • 2001: Seq23 Remixes- Response Audio
  • 2004: Metamorphosis of Narcotics (Final Cut) - Response Audio


List of Paul Edge tours

  • 2000: The Outer Limits Tour (USA)
  • 2003: Remote Control (USA)
  • 2004: Remote Control (USA)
  • 2006: We Will Not Be Silenced (USA)
  • 2009: Psychedelic Dance Music Global Tour TBA

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