Paul Enck

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Paul Enck
Paul Enck.jpg
Years active 30+
Medical career
Profession Psychiatrist
Institutions University of Tübingen
University of Würzburg
Specialism Psychosomatic medicine

Paul Enck is a psychologist at University Hospital Tübingen University, Germany, specialising in psychosomatic medicine.[1]

Education and work[edit]

At first he studied education and history. Later he studied didactics at a faculty of law. Enck finished his studies as a psychologist.[2]

He has been researching for over 30 years on the edge between medicine and psychology.[3] Enck acts as the lead researcher of the University of Tübingen's department for psychosomatic medicine.

He received the Günter Jantschek research fellowship together with researchers of the University of Oslo.[4]



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