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Paul Grüninger (27 October 1891 - 22 February 1972) was a Swiss police commander in St. Gallen, a football player, and a Righteous Among the Nations.

Following the Austrian Anschluss, Grüninger saved about 3,600 Jewish refugees by backdating their visas and falsifying other documents to indicate that they had entered Switzerland at a time when legal entry of refugees was still possible. He was dismissed from the police force, convicted of official misconduct, and fined 300 Swiss francs. He received no pension and died in poverty in 1972.[1]

In 1995 the district court of St. Gallen revoked the judgment against him and cleared him of all charges. The government of the Canton of St.Gallen later paid compensation to his descendants. The Yad Vashem Israeli holocaust memorial honors him as one of the Righteous Among the Nations. A street located in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev has been named after him.[2]

With Brühl St. Gallen Grüninger was Swiss football champion in 1915.

Honor in Switzerland[edit]


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