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Paul Groves is a British poet and critic whose work has appeared in literary periodicals and has won a number of prizes since he was first published in 1968.[citation needed] He was for twenty years a schoolteacher, after which he spent two decades as a Creative Writing lecturer. He has given many readings, both live and on television and radio.[1] He was born in Gloucester in 1947, lived for a quarter of a century in the Forest of Dean,[2][broken citation] and currently resides near Monmouth.


  • Academe (Seren, 1988)
  • Ménage à Trois (Seren, 1995)
  • Eros and Thanatos (Seren, 1999)
  • Wowsers (Seren, 2002)
  • Country Boy (Starborn Books, 2007)
  • Qwerty (Seren, 2008) [3]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Eric Gregory Award from The Society of Authors
  • Twice winner of The Times Literary Supplement International Poetry Prize

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