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Paul Heeren (born 22 November 1954 in Adelaide Australia) is a guitarist and songwriter.

Paul Heeren was a member of cult 1990s band The Times, led by seminal Indie Pop icon Ed Ball, playing guitar and providing occasional backing vocals. During this period he also guested with Ed Ball bands Conspiracy of Noise and Teenage Filmstars.

Having gained local exposure via the ABC (Australia) with progressive rock band Montage, Heeren moved to London where he worked as a session guitar player, eventually meeting Ed Ball when brought in to guest on ‘E for Edward’. He continued to be involved with The Times through the 90s, performing with the band for the 1994 Creation Records 10th Anniversary concert at the Albert Hall.

The single ‘Lundi Bleu’, a cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, was a Radio 1 Single of the Week on its release, featuring Heeren’s distinctive swooping guitar.

Also a prolific songwriter, Heeren wrote the 1991 Highlander II film theme ‘Trust’, released on WEA, performed by Heeren Stevens which included powerhouse rock vocalist Jan Parker (formerly Stevens), Gary Wallis (Pink Floyd) on drums, Nigel Ross-Scott (Re-flex) on bass and Adrian Lee (Mike + The Mechanics) on keyboards and acting as producer.

This was followed by the 1996 German release of the GAIA album ‘Truth and Illusion’ on Koch Records with Jan Parker on vocals, and featuring performances from Steve Alexander (Brother Beyond) and Jamie Lane on drums. The singles ‘Moment of Truth’ and ‘Wonderland’ were taken from the album.

Heeren subsequently co-founded UK telephony company X-on in 2000.



  • The Times ‘E for Edward’ (1989)
  • The Times ‘Et Dieu Créa La Femme’ (1990)
  • The Times ‘Pure’ (1991)
  • The Times ‘At The Astradome Lunaville’ (1992)
  • The Times ‘Alternative Commercial Crossover’ (1993)
  • Conspiracy of Noise ‘Chicks With Dicks And Splatter Flicks’ [Credited as Paul Hero] (1993)
  • GAIA ‘Truth and Illusion’ (1996)
  • Teenage Filmstars ‘Buy Our Record And Support Our Sickness’ [title in reverse] [Credited as Dean Angel] (1997)


  • ’Highlander II Soundtrack’ (1991)
  • ‘Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ed Ball’ (1995)
  • Hot Stuff ‘Melodic Rock’ (1997)
  • ArTpOp! ‘Here’s to Old England’ (2005)


  • The Times ‘Manchester’ [Backing Vocals] (1990)
  • Heeren Stevens ‘Trust’ (1991)
  • The Times ‘Lundi Bleu’ (1992)
  • The Times ‘Finnegans Break’ [Featuring Tippa Irie] (1993)
  • GAIA ‘Moment of Truth’ (1996)
  • GAIA ‘Wonderland’ (1997)
  • Edward Ball ‘Love is Blue’ [Backing Vocals] (1997)


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