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Paul Joannides, Psy.D. is an author,[1] public speaker[2] and research psychoanalyst based in Northwest USA.[3]

He is the author of The Guide to Getting it On,[4][5] a well-known guide on sexuality which is used in college and medical school sex-ed courses in the US and Canada.[6]

Dr. Joannides writes a blog on sex in science, culture and relationships titled Sex with Dr. Paul. He also writes a blog for Psychology Today Magazine As You Like It.[7] He speaks on college campuses about sex [8][9] and he is the creator and host of 90 Seconds on Sex,[10] a daily radio feature about sex in science, medicine and psychology.

Dr. Joannides is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sexual Medicine He was on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sexuality Education from its inception until 2010.[11] He was a keynote speaker at the CFLE/Planned Parenthood Sexuality Educator conference[12][13] and he is an NCAA Health and Safety Grant Speaker for college athletes in the area of human sexuality.[14]


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