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For the American historian, see Paul Murray Kendall. For the American general, see Paul Wilkins Kendall.
Paul Kendall
Birth name Paul Kendall
Also known as PK, Piquet
Born (1954-11-18) 18 November 1954 (age 60)
Genres Electronica, trip hop, avant-garde, synthpop
Occupation(s) Sound engineer, Composer, Mixer, Record producer
Labels EMI, Mute Records, Ici, d'ailleurs... , Parallel Series, Cat Werk Imprint
Associated acts Recoil, Olivia Louvel

Paul Kendall also known as pk or Piquet is a sound engineer, producer, mixer, composer.

The Space Age[edit]

Born in 1954, falling between the two moments of hippy and punk found himself stuck firmly in glam. The early years were informed by the space race and the otherworldly sound of joe meek. Never really a musician it was always the tape-recorder that held the allure. The ability to transform sound was more pleasureable than creating music except for an occasioanl flurry of cracked notes from a saxophone. In 1973 York University gave the opportunity to experiment with the VCS3 synth and tape manipulation. This illuminating period was tragically short as maths’ students were expected to produce solutions to problems and not create sonic wastelands. The 9 months of York were sufficient however to realise where the future could eventually lie. Returning to London a regular job was the only possibility for a working class boy. There followed nine and one half years in Barclays Bank. Always a square peg in the round hole of oblivion in the banking industry it did however provide a stable background to follow forays into music, cinema and theatre. Eventually with 2 friends they set up a small demo recording studio in Covent Garden which would give much needed first hand experience of recording techniques.

The Mute Years[edit]

With the death of his mother in 1984 the possibility of leaving Barclays became a reality and coincided with the first affordable multitrack recorders. A home 16 track studio was set up, and with the nascent MIDI in place, composition could again be considered. During this period his first wife had become a member of Fad Gadget so an introduction was made with Daniel Miller, head of Mute Records. This led to working for Daniel in his newly established Worldwide International studio and the start of a long collaboration with many of the Mute artists, Renegade Soundwave, Barry Adamson, Nitzer Ebb, Wire, Depeche Mode and eventually Recoil A swift learning period coincided with the expansion of Mute which would start a series of associated labels, most notably Blast First, giving exposure to artists such as Sonic Youth, Big Black and Butthole Surfers.

The Digital Age[edit]

Christmas 1990 saw the single most important event since the use of the first multitrack, he acquired his first Apple Mac computer and Sound Designer software from Digidesign. certainly one of the first people in the UK to use this digital system it opened up endless possibilities of ordering and controlling sound and set the die for the future.

Paul Kendall set up The Parallel Series, a sub-label of Mute. The four Parallel Series releases were:

  • Void In by Andrei Samsonov
  • Orr by Gilbert Hampson Kendall
  • The Faulty Caress by Piquet
  • Displaced Links by Kendall Turner Overdrive

In 2003, another Parallel Series was released through French label Ici, d'ailleurs... and their electronic division 0101
Capture by The Digital Intervention ( Paul Kendall &Olivia Louvel)

On Returning[edit]

Kendall returned to England in 2007 after 5 years in Paris. This coincided with the release of Recoil's "subHuman" and Kendall was to work closely with Alan Wilder in the preparation of "Selected" leading to his first experience of touring. "A Strange Hour" with Alan and Paul was presented throughout Europe, Russia, North, Central, and South America between February 2010 to date.


Kendall releases as digital download his abum "Angleterror" on Cat Werk Imprint. 01.10.11 The majority of the work on this album was created between 2002-7 during his sojourn in Paris and informs the title of the project.


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Paul Kendall was a member of jury for Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 2004

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