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Paul Kosky
Birth name Paul Kosky
Born 1967
Melbourne, Australia
Occupations Music Producer / Engineer / Artist Manager / Music Label Co owner - A&R Director / SSL Studio owner/operator
Years active 1982–present

Paul Kosky (born 1967, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is a long-standing, music industry professional based in Melbourne Australia who has worked with some of the biggest names in Australia, the US and the UK.

Career highlights in chronological order: Not Drowning Waving - 'Willow Tree' & 'Tabaran', Crowded House - 'Weather With You' & 'Woodface', Clouds - 'Say It' & 'Octopus', Kate Ceberano - A draw dropping one take vocal on 'Calling You', Rage Against the Machine - Vocals on 'Evil Empire', The Fugees with Wyclef Jean, Non Intentional Lifeform or 'N.I.L.' and Killing Heidi - 'Weir', 'Mascara', Live without it, Superman Supergirl & Reflector.

Kosky has been nominated in the final 5 for an ARIA award 4 times and within 4 separate categories including: Australian Producer of the year, Australian Engineer of the year, Best Australian Music Video Director and best Australian CD cover art.

Kosky is currently co-founder/owner and A&R Director of Peak Music - a music label and artist management company representing the Melbourne based alternate rock band - Kill City Cartel. He is also the owner/operator of Peak Music Recording Studios - a private, world class, large format, 58 Channel SSL 6000 E/G+ recording and mixing studio.

Music career[edit]


Kosky started his career in music at the age of 14 working the graveyard shift on Melbourne’s 3RRRFM. This led him to receive a one year government grant to produce a weekly youth radio program in Albury NSW on 2REMFM.

Returning to Melbourne, Kosky briefly worked at Crawford Productions as a music editor before accepting a position as an assistant engineer at Platinum Studios - Australia’s premier music recording facility at the time. Over the next two years he worked as an assistant gaining valuable experience on releases for The Models, Kids In the Kitchen, The Machinations, Real Life, Pseudo Echo, Mondo Rock, Michael Hutchence, I’m Talking, Little River Band, Do Re Mi, Crowded House [1] Noiseworks, Weddings,Parties,Anything and Blue Ruin.

At 19, Kosky was promoted to in-house engineer at Platinum Studios and over the next 2 years he ‘cut his teeth’ recording B-sides and demos for Crowded House, Boom Crash Opera, Nick Barker & the Reptiles, Cattletruck, James Rene, Uncanny X-Men, Kylie Minogue, Tim Finn, Men At Work & Ross Wilson.

Kosky soon went on to record releases for the Ricky and Pete movie soundtrack, Schnell Fenster & Japan’s Dual Dream. He mixed releases for TISM and New Zealand’s The Fan Club. Crossing over into music production Kosky co produced, recorded & mixed releases for Not Drowning Waving,[2] David Hosking, Chain and Crashland and co produced & mixed the Proof movie soundtrack CD release.


In the early 90’s Kosky went freelance. Within a few months he designed Periscope Studio in Tim Finn's home to prepare for the recording of the Finn Brother's album. This immediately led to Kosky recording Crowded House’s massively successful – Woodface album.[3]

Recording releases for Big Pig, Real Life, Things of Stone & Wood, and Split Enz soon followed. Kosky then went on to co-produce and record releases for Weddings Parties Anything, Tim Finn & The Hot House Flowers and My Friend the Chocolate Cake. He co-produced, recorded and mixed releases for The Clouds, Andrew Pendlebury, Killing Time, Kate Ceberano, Deborah Conway, The Sharp, David Hosking and Chris Wilson. He Produced, recorded and mixed releases for Overnight Jones and recorded and mixed remixes for Crowded House, Real Life and Jenny Morris.

In 1996, Kosky accepted a position at Metropolis Audio as their Senior Music Producer/Engineer. There he recorded and mixed releases for Boys to Men, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, and The Electric Hippies. He co produced, recorded and mixed releases for Def FX, Neil Murray and Tiddas.

The following year Kosky designed the construction of Kiss Music Recording Studios (formerly Platinum Studios) and accepted a position as General Manager & Senior Music Producer/Engineer. Whilst there he recorded releases for American bands Rage Against the Machine,[4] The Fugees & Wyclef Jean. He also produced, recorded and mixed releases for Effigy and Non Intentional Lifeform (N.I.L.)


In 1998, Kosky co-founded and A&R directed A new music label and artist management company - Wah Wah Music.[5] His first signing was an unearthed band on JJJ which he had heard for 3 months and was convinced a label must have signed them. They were charmingly rough due to their age but there was some serious magic brewing. Killing Heidi [6] and he spent the next 2 years developing the band while producing, recording and mixing their hugely successful debut album Reflector. Kosky also co-managed the band, directed and/or produced the majority of their music video clips and designed their album and singles artwork for the album cycle of Reflector. After securing a label deal for Wah Wah Music with Roadshow Music (Village Roadshow) and under Kosky’s guidance the band found immediate success in Australia. They received massive national radio and television airplay across all formats. Killing Heidi's Reflector debuted at Number 1 on the Australian ARIA charts, sold over 110,000 copies in its first week and in all sold over 5 times platinum and won 6 of Australia’s most prestigious awards including those from ARIA [7] and APRA.[8]


Sighting professional differences, Kosky resigned as a director of Wah Wah Music and co-manager of Killing Heidi. He took a well earned break from the music industry, spending the next few years concentrating on a healthier lifestyle, growing his family and building a new home.


Refreshed and ready to return to music, and while looking for a new artist that he believed was capable of Australian and international success, Kosky came across the band Kill City Cartel at Josh Abrahams studio - where they were signed to a development deal. Kosky was convinced this was what he was looking for and offered them a recording and management contract.

During the last quarter of 2009 Kill City Cartel and Kosky commenced the album with a computer on his kitchen table. Over the next 2 years their ever growing workspace grew to a large format analogue/digital studio to accommodate the production of the bands debut – Paranormal Distortion. Kosky co-produced, recorded, mixed and co-wrote the album with the band’s front man and key songwriter Eden Altman. Altman and Kosky’s partnership also grew to a co-ownership of their Peak Music label and artist management company, forging a new path in the ever changing state of the global music industry.

Kill City Cartel will release their debut single, music video and additional remixes within the first quarter of 2013.

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