Paul Little Racing

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Toll Racing
Team Principal Paul Little
Debut 1998
Final Season 2005
Round wins 0
Pole positions 0

Paul Little Racing, commonly known as Toll Racing, after its sponsor, Toll Holdings, was a motorsport team contesting the V8 Supercars championship. The team ceased operations at the end of 2005, with driver Anthony Tratt retiring from full-time driving.


Formed in 1998 by Paul Little, Paul Little Racing lasted 7 years, it had only run a single car for Anthony Tratt, the team used an EL Falcon in the 1998 season the ex JSR max dumnsey falcon. 1999 saw the team move over to a new inhouse build JSR AU AU Falcon to race. the team in 1999 and 2000 were joined by F1 world champion Alan Jones , John Sidney (JSR) Melbourne VIC team manager , 1999-2000-2001. in 2003, the team started the year in their BA Falcon built by Acott race craft in sunbury Victoria , BA Falcon in mid-2003.Over the years the TOLL TEAM had many of the best engineers and Race car personal available in Austrlaia , Russell Scaife, Ian Wally Walburn ,Nigel Bolling ,Paris Acott, Steve Menery , Steve Ryan ,David Cameron ,ken smith , john Sidney, Mike Genery ,Sophie Mcnutt Team Drivers included bob jones, Alan jones ,Christian jones, Thomas Mezzera, Paul Stokell, At the end of 2003 the team switched to Holden and gained support from Perkins Engineering. For 2004 the team used a brand new Perkins VY Commodore with Tomas Mezera as the enduro driver alongside Tratt. They continued with Holden in 2005, but with an older VY Commodore, previously used by the team in the 2004 season. At the end of 2005 the team closed its doors.