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Paul Ormerod is a British economist who is researching complexity, complex systems, nonlinear feedback, the boom and bust cycle of business and economic competition. Ormerod uses a multidisciplinary approach, making use of biology, physics, mathematics, statistics and psychology as sources of results that can be applied to economics.


Ormerod completed his undergraduate economic studies at Christ's College, Cambridge and his postgraduate studies at St Catherine's College, Oxford, for which he was awarded a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in economics. Upon graduation he worked as a forecaster at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Later he founded several companies, first Henley Centre which was sold to a FTSE100 company and later Volterra Partners, which he founded with Bridget Rosewell and till today remains a partner.[1][2]

Ormerod contributes regularly to a blog which is found on his personal website, see link below.

He is currently the President of Rochdale Hornets RLFC.


Paul Ormerod has written three books as well as many articles. His books are:

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