Paul Pellas-Graham Ryder Award

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Paul Pellas-Graham Ryder Award
Awarded for best planetary science paper of previous year by an undergraduate or graduate student.
Sponsor Meteoritical Society and Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America
First awarded 2001

The Paul Pellas-Graham Ryder Award is jointly sponsored by the Meteoritical Society and the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America. It recognizes the best planetary science paper, published during the previous year in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and written by an undergraduate or graduate student (as first author). The topics covered by the award are listed on the cover of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. It has been given since 2001, and honors the memories of the incomparable meteoriticist Paul Pellas and lunar scientist Graham Ryder.

Paul Pellas-Graham Ryder Award Winners[edit]

Paul Pellas-Graham Ryder Award Winners
Paper published Year awarded Name
2000 2001 Natasha Johnson
2001 2002 Björn Davidsson
2002 2003 Nicolas Dauphas
2003 2004 Soichi Itoh
2004 2005 Danielle Wyrick
2005 2006 James E. Richardson Jr.
2006 2007 Alice Toppani
2007 2008 Mathieu Touboul
2008 2009 Bethany L. Ehlmann
2009 2010 Vishnu Reddy
2010 2011 Andrew W. Beck
2011 2012 D. Alex Patthoff
2012 2013 Christoph Burkhardt
2013 2014 Eike Beitz

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