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Paul Rebhan (also known as Reb Han [1]) is an author, musician, and artist living in New York City. He is known for hanging one of his own paintings in the Museum of Modern Art, and as the inventor of Quiet Parties, also called Silent Dating, where people communicate by writing notes instead of speaking . He also rents himself out as a "friend", and wrote a philosophy book that seems to share a similar skeptical viewpoint of epistemology as Michel Foucault, the French postmodernist philosopher.

Rebhan was one of the initial artists to use the term Perceptual Art in describing his work. This is a highly interactive form of art, often reliant on new technologies such as the Internet, that were not available to artists of previous generations. In the words of Rebhan, Perceptual Art has the intent of "altering individual and collective perception [2]."

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