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Paul Rusling is an East Yorkshire public house and restaurant owner, disc jockey and former radio and publishing entrepreneur who has also identified himself during radio programmes as Paul Alexander.


Paul Rusling attended school in Hull, England and in his spare time performed as a disc jockey in clubs and ballrooms. He then studied radio engineering at Hull College of Technology and became a ship's radio officer. In 1973 he joined Radio Caroline where he hosted the breakfast programme. In the mid-1970s he moved to London and managed several pubs and clubs.

In 1981 Rusling became a broadcast consultant and worked at several radio stations, including Laser 558. Rusling was also contracted as a consultant to broadcast projects in the Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia and assisted with license applications for stations in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Russia, including work with Nozema, Sky Radio and Radio 10 Gold. He was a director of several radio companies, including Yorkshire Coast Radio. On the Isle of Man Rusling was founder of a company which was licensed to launch an international broadcasting station MusicMann279.

Rusling chaired forums at the Mix Mag International DJ Convention in London in 1986, and at several technical forums, e.g. IEEE conference in Washington. He has published several books including training manuals for radio stations and other speciality publications such as The Lid Off Laser 558 (ISBN 0-948055-00-6) and a "Who's Who in British Radio" (ISBN 1900401045). From 1989 to 1991 he and his wife published a weekly paid-for newspaper in East Yorkshire called the Haltemprice Herald.

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