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Paul Schiff is an American film-producer. His films include Mona Lisa Smile, Young Guns[1] and its sequel Young Guns II, Epic Movie, and My Cousin Vinny.[2][3][4]

Along with Kelly Rodrigues, Paul Schiff co-founded Blowtorch Entertainment with the goal of creating films and media targeting young-adults and college age audience.[5] Blowtorch had planned to make or acquire eighteen feature-length films for five million dollars a piece and release them as cult movies for a college audience. They were funded by "Ignition Partners, Hollywood individuals, and at least one (unnamed) hedge fund." [6] However, by mid-2009, the hedge funds which invested in the venture went out of business and its future "is in doubt".[7]

His brother is actor Richard Schiff. Paul is a graduate of Wesleyan University.[8][9]



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