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Paula Rae Gibson (born in Greenwich, England) is a photographer, singer-songwriter and filmmaker. She is the widow of film director Brian Gibson and has one daughter.


Rae Gibson's photographic work is represented by two books of photographs, Diary of a Love Addict (2006) and (Fear I Know Not) I'll Always Walk Away (2007), published by German publisher Kehrer.[1] The first, Diary of a Love Addict, was nominated for the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2007.[2] In February 2008, her work was exhibited at FFI[disambiguation needed] Frankfurt with a further exhibition at the ROLLO Contemporary Art Gallery in London in April.[3] She has exhibited at the Gallery Articus in London (1993), in Bolivar Hall, London (1994), in Cassian de Vere Colé, London (1995), at the Galerie Dorothée de Paux, Brussels (1996), at the Gallery in Cork Street, London (1998) and at the Gallery media rare, Los Angeles (2001).[4]

She released her debut album, No More Tiptoes on the 33 Jazz Records in 2007.[1] No More Tiptoes was written in response to the death of Rae Gibson's husband and features voice by Rae Gibson and keyboard by pianist Tom Pilling.[5] A track from the album, We Blow It Every Time, was selected as one of the top ten tracks of the year by Time Out.[6] Her second album, Maybe Too Nude, recorded in collaboration with Will Gregory of Goldfrapp and drummer Martyn Barker, was released on the Babel Label in 2008.[1] A third album, combined with a book Babel Label 2009: You Gather My Darkness Like Snow Watch It Melt. The Pleasure Of Ruin, Babel, vinyl and cd, was released in March 2013.

She was the scriptwriter, actor and composer for a film, What Are You Doing Forever?,[7] selected for the International Festival of Cinema and Technology and screened as part of the Portobello Film Festival.

Her video "The Poet Without Tragedy" won the prize for Best Music Video at the 2009 London Independent Film Festival

Hanging Onto A Thread To Believe In Rare Things' published by Indigo Dreams, 2012, is a novella based on the death of her husband and finding love again.

Needy, a short film about needing more than loving, was shown at the Portobello film festival September 2013

Photographic work[edit]


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