Paulie Pennino

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Paul "Paulie" Pennino
Rocky character
First appearance Rocky
Last appearance Rocky Balboa
Created by Sylvester Stallone
Portrayed by Burt Young
Gender Male
Occupation Meat packer
Cornerman for Robert "Rocky" Balboa Sr.
Relatives Adrianna "Adrian" Balboa (sister)
Robert "Rocky" Balboa Sr. (brother-in-law)
Robert "Rocky" Jr. (nephew)
Nationality American

Paul "Paulie" Pennino is a major supporting character in all six Rocky movies.


He is Adrian's brother and Rocky Balboa's best friend/brother-in-law. He is an alcoholic and is not afraid to lose his temper when the opportunity arises. Most of the time he does that out of jealousy towards his friends and family, and he feels like they owe him for their success. Despite this, he cares about his friends and family, and will stand up for Rocky if someone insults him. Despite being friends with Apollo Creed and Tony "Duke" Evers, Paulie is shown to be racist against blacks, as seen in Rocky III when he openly stated that he didn't like any of the black boxers in the gym where Creed once trained, though that could just be out of nervousness. He quoted in Rocky Balboa that "Italian food cooked up by a bunch of Mexicans ain't so special."


It was because of Paulie that Rocky met, dated and married his sister Adrian, and it was at the meat factory Paulie worked at where Rocky began his unique training method of punching the meat carcasses. Paulie also distracted the ringside security guards so Adrian could embrace Rocky in the ring after his fight with Apollo Creed was over.

Rocky II[edit]

It was Paulie yelling at Adrian that caused Rocky's son, Robert Jr., to be born prematurely.

Rocky III[edit]

Paulie had a job as one of Rocky's cornermen and even tried to fight off the wrestler Thunderlips when he was strangling Rocky.