Pauline's United Australia Party

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Pauline's United Australia Party
Leader Pauline Hanson
Founded 24 May 2007
Dissolved March 2010
Headquarters PO Box 428
Ipswich, Queensland
Ideology Nationalism,
Social conservatism
Politics of Australia
Political parties

Pauline's United Australia Party was an Australian political party launched by One Nation founder Pauline Hanson on 24 May 2007 and registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on 20 September 2007.[1]

The party draws on the name but is unrelated to the historic United Australia Party which existed from 1931 to 1945. Hanson formed the party in order to ensure that her name appeared above the line (as per the voting method in Australian federal elections) rather than simply below the line amongst a list of independent candidates.

Hanson stood for the Australian Senate in the state of Queensland during the 2007 federal election, in which she received 101,461 first preference votes, representing 4.2% of the statewide vote.[2]

Brian Burston, Hanson's former One Nation adviser, also contested the Senate in the state of New South Wales and received 39,807 votes, which translated into nearly 1% of the total votes.[3]

Hanson voluntarily deregistered the party in March 2010 after announcing her plans to move to the United Kingdom.[4]


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