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Pauline Amos
AMOS – madonnaicon
Born Pauline Amos
(-04-09)9 April
Education Phd
Known for Artist, Performance Artist, Painter, writer
Notable work(s) Improvising with sound/vision, bass guitar, vocals, film maker;

Pauline Amos born in Liverpool, UK; currently based in London, works internationally.

First came to media attention in 2005, with a painting on sale in London for £1.3m, a comment on the art/commodities markets; followed by a series of performance works; featured in The Times[1] newspaper; working in the art collective Luxor with William Orbit and Anna-mi Fredriksson.[citation needed]

I place my self within the painting and become part of it, the art is the person – the life that is making the work. The paintings are documents and a recording of an event, an action that happened – they are not the work; the action, the performance the improvised and impulsive moment is the work

Interview and quizzed on Radio 4 Womans Hour programme by Jenni Murray.[2]

Combining performance and painting works, began in 1999 – Master of Arts degree followed by a Phd with Professor Edward Cowie at Dartington College of Arts and a series of performed works titled My Flesh My Canvas that led to many works in Europe and Asia. Using the body as a blank canvas has been paramount to the Amos code.[citation needed]

In October 2009, Amos, and classically trained dancer, Anna-Mi Fredriksson, paired up to present an exhibition and performance of painting, sound and movement. William Orbit joined the collaboration and LUXOR[3] was created.

Citing Robert Robert Enrico's film version of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge as an influential film for her, curiosity with film making and having a close connection with film producer Colin Vaines has enabled new work in films that have been shown in various festivals including the short film festival at Cannes, the most recent being 'Love Scars' with Meredith Ostrom.[citation needed]


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