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Pauline Alethea Brailsford (born 12 July 1928)[1][2] is a retired film and television actress, originally from the UK.

Her most notable performance was A League of Their Own, as the team's chaperone "Miss Cuthburt", for which she shared a 1993 MTV Movie Award nomination with Tom Hanks for Best Kiss. She taught theatre studies at Columbia College in Chicago and was the artistic director of the Body Politic theatre company in Chicago in the 1980s and early 1990s.[citation needed]



  1. ^ Note: Brailsford apparently was born on 12 July 1928 (7 December 1928 apparent mistranscription of the European dd/mm/yyyy style of dating, i.e. 12/07/1928)
  2. ^ United States Public Records Index from a third party aggregator of publicly available information; accessed 10 April 2014.

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