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Pauline Gregg (17 July 1909 – 11 March 2006) was a British historian.


Her published works concentrated on the period of the English Civil Wars of the 17th century and the history of social life in Britain.

Among her published titles are:

  • King Charles I: Biography of Charles I.
  • Free-Born John: Biography of John Lilburne.
  • Modern Britain: A social and economic history since 1760.
  • The welfare state: An economic and social history of Great Britain from 1945 to the present day (see Welfare state).
  • Oliver Cromwell: Biography of Oliver Cromwell.
  • The chain of history: The story of the main links in the chain of man's development from the Stone Age to the end of the 19th century.
  • Black Death to Industrial Revolution: A Social and Economic History of England from the time of the Black Death to the Industrial Revolution.

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