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Pavel Mif was the pseudonym of Mikhail Alexandrovich Fortus (born August 3, 1901 in Khersones Gubernia of Russian Empire - 10 September 1939), Russian Bolshevik Party member from May 1917, historian with a Doctor's degree in economics (1935), participant of Russian civil war (1918–20), a student at Yakov Sverdlov Communist University (1920–21), did communist party work in Ukraine (1923–25), prorector of Sun Yat-sen Communist university of the Toilers of China (Moscow) under Karl Radek from 1925, rector of the same institution after 1927, member of the Executive Council of Comintern concurrently, participant of the 5th (1927), 6th (1928) Congresses of the Communist Party of China and the 4th Plenary meeting of its Central Committee (1931).