Payson Utah Temple

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Payson Utah Temple
Under Construction
Payson Utah Temple.JPG
Number TBD edit data
Announcement 25 January 2010
Groundbreaking 8 October 2011 by
Dallin H. Oaks
Site 10.63 acres (4.3 hectares)
Floor area 96,630 sq ft (8,977 m2)
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Coordinates: 40°1′7.52″N 111°44′54.07″W / 40.0187556°N 111.7483528°W / 40.0187556; -111.7483528

The Payson Utah Temple is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) under construction in Payson, Utah. The temple was announced on January 25, 2010, by church president Thomas S. Monson. The temple will be the southernmost along Utah's Wasatch Front, and will be the 15th completed temple in the state, with the Provo City Center (under construction) and Cedar City (announced) temples bringing the total to 17 when they are completed.

The temple will be located near the intersection of 930 West and 1550 South in Payson on previously undeveloped land. Additional details, such as the temple's planned size, were not available at the time of the announcement.[1]

Dallin H. Oaks presided at the groundbreaking ceremony on October 8, 2011, with William R. Walker conducting and Steven E. Snow, Jay E. Jensen and Janette Hales Beckham in attendance. Jason Chaffetz (representative for Utah's 3rd congressional district, which includes Payson) participated in the shovel ceremony.[2][3]

The temple, at 96,630 square feet on a 15 acre lot, will be one of the largest built in recent years.[4][5]

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