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Pazarcık (Kurdish: Bazarcix‎) is a town in the southern part of Kahramanmaraş Province in Turkey.

Population (2008) Latitude, Longitude
28,582[1] 37,29° N; 37,18° E


Pazarcık is primarily a farming town and contains a large number of scattered fields. The majority of the population are of the alevi religion or philosophy. Education is given a high value in Pazarcık and many young people migrate to Europe or North America. One of the towns specialties is hellim. Around 90% of the inhabitants of the region are of Alevi origin. Few members of the female population are covered. Most of the income of the inhabitants of the area is through agriculture (especially cotton and wheat) though the size of the region has meant that number of service jobs have increased.

Settlements from the Palaeolithic Age near the mountains of Saril and Ganidag have been found as a result of archaeological excavations. The area was at the border with the Hittites and Assyrians between 2000-700 BC, and it remained part of the Persian Empire. Remains found suggest that Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine cultures were active in the area. The town became part of the Seljuk Empire in the 12th century, followed by the Ottoman Empire. The town province is 1710 km2. The highest mountains are Kandil Tepesi (1704 m) and Ganidag (1230 m). The landscape consists of 50% forest and 40% arable land. The climate is hot and dry in summer; cold and rainy in winter.


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