Peñascal Wind Power Project

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Peñascal Wind Power Project is located in Texas
Peñascal Wind Power Project
Location of
Official name Peñascal Wind Power Project
Coordinates 27°00′N 97°36′W / 27°N 97.6°W / 27; -97.6Coordinates: 27°00′N 97°36′W / 27°N 97.6°W / 27; -97.6
Power generation
Units operational 168
Make and model Mitsubishi
Nameplate capacity 404 MW

The 404 megawatt (MW) Peñascal Wind Farm is located in Kenedy County, Texas and was completed in April 2010 by Iberdrola.[1]

The wind farm has 168 Mitsubishi MHI 92 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.4 MW. The facility created some 20 direct jobs in maintenance and operation of the wind farms. Around 200 people were involved in its construction. Iberdrola received a $114 million treasury grant for the project as part of the stimulus funds that was released in September 2009.[1] On July 30, 2010, the U.S. Treasury's 1603 Program website listed the Penascal II Wind Project as having received a total award amount of $222,861,149.00.

The wind farm includes an innovative radar system that detects the arrival of large flocks of migratory birds and shuts down the turbines if visibility conditions present a danger.[1]

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