Pećanac Chetniks

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Pećanac Chetniks
Active 1941–1944
Allegiance Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Government of National Salvation
Size 3,000–6,000
Kosta Pećanac

The Pećanac Chetniks, also known as the 'Black' Chetniks[1] were a Chetnik force which operated in the Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia under the leadership of Kosta Pećanac. They were loyal to the fascist government and fought against Yugoslav Partisans and the Chetniks of Draža Mihailović.

At the time of the invasion of Yugoslavia, Pećanac was located in southern Serbia. He was, before World War II and along with his rival Ilija Trifunović-Birčanin, one of the most well-known leaders of the various organizations that called themselves Chetniks, years before Draža Mihailović and his Ravna Gora movement began to use the name.[2] Pećanac's Chetniks, which were already in existence before World War II, were an entirely different organization than Mihailović's, even though they could occasionnally be confused.

Pećanac kept the organizational structure of his detachments simple.[3] All of the commanders were selected personally by Pećanac and consisted of former officers, peasants, Orthodox priests, teachers, and merchants.[3]

During World War II, units of Kosta Milovanović Pećanac committed numerous crimes against the civil population of Albanian villages on the border between Kosovo and Sandzak.

Pećanac was assassinated on June 6, 1944 by Chetniks loyal to Mihailović.[4]

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