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Pe Icon.png [1]
Pe logo, introduced in 2005 [2]
Pe on Haiku.png
Developer(s) Maarten Hekkelman
Stable release 2.4.3
Written in C / C++ [3]
Operating system BeOS like,[4] Haiku[5]
Type Text Editor [6]
License MIT[7]

Pe, short for Programmer’s Editor, is an open source text editor for the Be Operating System (BeOS),[8] Haiku[9] and other BeOS-like operating systems. It is targeted towards source-code editing, and features syntax highlighting for a large number of programming languages. It also works as a basic source-level HTML editor, with some HTML autocompletion support, automatic updating of files included within other files, and direct FTP integration.[10] It is conceptually based on the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop and BBEdit, both of which are editing programs for the Mac OS.

Pe was written by the Dutch programmer Maarten Hekkelman, who also wrote bdb, the source-level debugger for the BeOS, and the spreadsheet Sum-It!, first for classic Mac OS and later BeOS where it was packaged by Beatware as half of BeBasics; a lightweight office suite, which was also open-sourced.[11]

Pe was used to write the BeOS Bible and possible other similar-era Scot Hacker works, as well as In the Beginning... Was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson; both of which works mention it.[12]


Pe boasts features such as function autocompletion, powerful search-and-replace options, and syntax highlighting for several programming languages. Pe was ported to Mac OS X, Linux and Windows under the name Pepper (text editor), and the original BeOS code was open-sourced. It has been included in early builds of Haiku.[13] General features include:

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Find and Replace (Multiple File Search)
  • Zooming
  • Split screen editing and synchronized scrolling
  • Open and Save directly from/to Server
  • Find Functions
  • Change Encoding
  • Go to line (By line number)


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