Peace (The Cult album)

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Studio album by The Cult
Released 2000 (Rare Cult boxed set)
Recorded 1986
Genre Hard rock, gothic rock
Label Beggars Banquet
Producer Steve Brown
The Cult chronology

Peace was the once unreleased third album by The Cult. Upon completion of the album the band was unhappy with the sound, and began recording what would become their next release, Electric, which featured new versions of several Peace songs. Although a few of the original versions were released on singles and EP's, the full Peace album was not released in its entirety until 2000, when it was included as Disc 3 of the Rare Cult boxed set.

In 2013, The Peace album was released as a two disc set alongside the originally released Electric album, under the title Electric Peace.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love Removal Machine"
  2. "Wild Flower"
  3. "Peace Dog"
  4. "Aphrodisiac Jacket"
  5. "Electric Ocean"
  6. "Bad Fun"
  7. "Conquistador"
  8. "Zap City"
  9. "Love Trooper"
  10. "Outlaw"
  11. "Groove Co."