Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority

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The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (also known as the Peace Bridge Authority and the Public Bridge Authority) is a public benefit corporation that regulates the Peace Bridge. This bridge is designed to handle traffic between Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

The authority is a New York State public benefit corporation as well as an Ontario Crown Corporation, and a bi-national agency.[1] US office is located at 1 Peace Bridge Plaza and Canadian office (and the Authority's administrative headquarters) is located at 100 Queen Street, Fort Erie (in the building to the right side of the inspection plaza).

Board of Directors[edit]

The Bridge Authority is led by a 10 member board with 50-50 split of US and Canadian members.[2]

Of the five US members, two are appointed by the Governor with confirmation by the State Senate. The remainder members are representatives of various state or local agencies:

All five of the Canadian members are appointed by the Governor-in-Council as per recommendation by the Ontario Minister of Transportation.

The Chair of the Board is American and the Vice-Chair is Canadian.

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