Peace in Mississippi

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"Peace in Mississippi"
Single by Jimi Hendrix
from the album Crash Landing/Voodoo Soup[1]
Released 1975
Recorded 1968
Writer(s) Jimi Hendrix[1]

Peace in Mississippi is an instrumental by Jimi Hendrix.[2]

There are many conflicting versions of this song. The version included on Voodoo Soup is the original version of the song (although in edited form), as recorded by Hendrix, drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding in 1968, and different from the version of "Peace In Mississippi" included on Crash Landing, in which Mitchell and Redding's contributions were supplanted by overdubbed drum and bass parts performed by other musicians in 1975; the version on Crash Landing also included overdubbed guitar and percussion parts performed in 1975. In addition, the version on Voodoo Soup is about a minute longer than the one on Crash Landing. The version of "Peace In Mississippi" included on the "Valleys of Neptune" CD single that was sold exclusively at Walmart has the unedited version of the song, and so does the B-Side of the 2010 release of Hendrix's version of Elmore James' Bleeding Heart.

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