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The Peak Galleria viewed from the Peak Tower.
The Peak Galleria entrance.
Interior of the Peak Galleria.
A must-visit attractions.

The Peak Galleria (Chinese: 山頂廣場) is a leisure and shopping complex and tourist attraction located at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It also includes bus termini for public buses run by Citybus and New World First Bus, as well as green minibuses that serve the Peak.

The shopping complex houses a number of eateries and one of G.O.D.'s flagship stores.[1] A museum and souvenir shop Hong Kong Trams Station.[2] It also has a viewing deck on level 3, which is larger than the deck at the Peak Tower.[3]

The Peak Galleria is adjoined by a second leisure and shopping centre, the Peak Tower, built atop the upper station of the Peak Tram funicular railway that links the Peak to Central district below.

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