Peaks of Otter

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Peaks of Otter
Abbot Lake and Sharp Top in winter
Elevation Sharp Top 3,862 feet (1,177 m)
Flat Top 3,994 feet (1,217 m)
Harkening Hill 3,372 feet (1,028 m)
Location Bedford / Botetourt counties, Virginia, U.S.
Range Blue Ridge Mountains
Coordinates 37°26′49″N 79°35′01″W / 37.44694°N 79.58361°W / 37.44694; -79.58361
Topo map USGS
Type granite
Age of rock Precambrian
Easiest route Hike

The Peaks of Otter are three mountain peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, overlooking the town of Bedford, Virginia, nine miles (14 km) to the southeast along State Route 43. These peaks are

Sharp Top 3,862 feet (1,177 m) 37°26′00″N 79°36′18″W / 37.43333°N 79.60500°W / 37.43333; -79.60500
Flat Top 3,994 feet (1,217 m) 37°27′06″N 79°34′57″W / 37.45167°N 79.58250°W / 37.45167; -79.58250 and
Harkening Hill   3,372 feet (1,028 m) 37°27′28″N 79°37′02″W / 37.45778°N 79.61722°W / 37.45778; -79.61722.

Manmade Abbott Lake lies in the valley between the three peaks, behind the Peaks of Otter Lodge and restaurant. The National Park Service preserves the peaks and lake as part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that "the mountains of the Blue Ridge, and of these the Peaks of Otter, are thought to be of a greater height, measured from their base, than any others in our country, and perhaps in North America." Of course this later turned out not to be the case, but not before Virginia had sent stones from the peaks to be its part of the Washington Monument.

View of Sharp Top and the surrounding area from Buzzards Roost

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