Pearland Independent School District

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Pearland Independent School District
Pearland ISD Education Support Center.jpg
Pearland, Texas
Type Public school district
School district Pearland Independent School District
Faculty 1,500+
Grades K-12
Enrollment 18,000+

Pearland Independent School District is a school district based in Pearland, Texas, United States.

Pearland ISD serves most of the city of Pearland, the city of Brookside Village, and unincorporated areas in Brazoria County (including Silverlake).

Each house or residential area in Pearland is zoned to an elementary school (grades PK-4), a middle school (5-6), a junior high school (7-8), and one of the two high schools (9-12).

Dr. Bonny Cain, Pearland ISD's former superintendent, recently separated from PISD.

Pearland ISD trustees selected Dr. John Kelly as the new superintendent from a pool of 61 applicants. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Kelly as the district’s superintendent. In addition to his ability to lead and to listen, he has an outstanding vision that will carry Pearland ISD to even greater heights,” Virgil Gant, board president, said.

As of the 2009-2010 school year, the district is operated by a seven member elected board of trustees.

Virgil Gant, President

Andrew Solomon, Vice-President

Rebecca L. Decker, Secretary

Pam Boegler, Member

Adele Brennan, Member

Rusty DeBorde, Member

Sam Gray, Member

In 2009, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


Pearland Independent School District was established in 1937. The original high school building and elementary campus still stand on Grand Boulevard in the heart of Pearland. Pearland ISD's growth has exploded since the city was named an "All-American Town" in the mid 1990s, and the district, as well as the city, saw tremendous growth from 25,000 in 1985, to more than 100,000 in 2008. The district has kept up with the growth by building campuses and other facilities to maintain students. In 2006, Pearland ISD began using the International Baccalaureate curriculum guidelines in their elementary and middle school campuses. In addition to the city of Pearland, Pearland ISD also serves the communities of Brookside Village and Silverlake. Brookside Village is a small village located to the north of Pearland, and Silverlake is a master-planned community that sits outside of Pearland's western city limits.

Past Superintendents:

  • B.B. Ainsworth (1937–1944)
  • H.L. McAninch (1944–1947)
  • J.D. Gray (1947–1958)
  • Dr. Lloyd R. Ferguson (1958–1966)
  • Steven Prensner (1966–1968)
  • Robert Turner (1968–1976)
  • G. Preston Bullard (1976–1991)
  • James P. Schleider (1991–2000)
  • Dr. Bonny Cain (2000-2011)
  • Dr. John Kelly (2011- )

Standardized dress[edit]

Since 2001, All Pearland ISD schools are required to enact a "standardized dress" code, which is similar to a school uniform requiring students in grades 5 through 12 to tuck their shirts in along with more dresscode rules. But as of 2011 the dress code has changed- Jr. High and High school students can wear jeans instead of khakis, belts are no longer required,students do not have to tuck their shirts in, and middle school students can wear shorts. Polo shirts are still required.

List of schools[edit]

High Schools[edit]

Alternative Schools[edit]

  • Alternative Learning Academy (opened 1992)
  • Pearland Academic Center for Excellence (opened 2002)

Junior High Schools[edit]

  • Berry Miller Junior High School (opened 2008)
  • Pearland Junior High School East Campus (opened 1959) (called Pearland Jr. High from 1959–1972, * Pearland Intermediate School from 1972–1993)
  • Pearland Junior High School South Campus (opened 2002)
  • Pearland Junior High School West Campus (opened 1993)

Middle Schools[edit]

  • Alexander Middle School (opened 2007)
  • Sam Jamison Middle School (opened 1982)
  • Rogers Middle School (opened 2003)
  • Leon H. Sablatura Middle School (opened 1997)

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Herbert C. Carleston Elementary School (opened 1980)
  • Challenger Elementary School (opened 1993)
  • Barbara Cockrell Elementary School (opened 2007)
  • C.J. Harris Elementary School (opened 1937) (called Pearland Elementary from 1937–1980)
  • E.A. Lawhon Elementary School (opened 1963) (called Brookside Elementary from 1963–1980)
  • Magnolia Elementary School (opened 2007)
  • Massey Ranch Elementary School (opened 2006)
  • Rustic Oak Elementary School (opened 1993)
  • Shadycrest Elementary School (opened 1969)
  • Silvercrest Elementary School (opened 2002)
  • Silverlake Elementary School (opened 1998)

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