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Pearls Before Swine is a 1999 film by Australian director Richard Wolstencroft that premiered at the Stockholm International Film Festival in November 1999. The film portrays the life of a hitman with an interest in such things as fascism, S&M, collecting erotic literature, Doctor Who, and philosophy. The plot concerns the assassin being given a contract on a controversial author. The lead role in the film is played by musician and occasional radio personality Boyd Rice. The film's failure to gain acceptance into the Melbourne International Film Festival inspired Wolstencroft to start the Melbourne Underground Film Festival or MUFF as an alternative event. The film is available on DVD with Bloodlust, Wolstencroft's first feature in Europe and in the US as a stand alone package with a special Making of documentary. The films played at five overseas festivals and two Australian ones where it was considered a low-budget film dealing with many of the same issues as Fight Club. Jorn Rossing Jensen at the Stockholm film festival called it " A Clockwork Orange for the new Millennium" (the same quote was used about Nicolas Winding Refn's recent film "Bronson") and Michael Helms called it "Deep, Dark and Aberrant".

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