Peasants and Workers Party of India

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Peasants and Workers Party of India
भारतीय शेतकरी कामगार पक्ष
Chairperson Jayant Prabhakar Patil
Secretary-General Prof. S. V. Jadhav
Founded 1947 (1947)
Headquarters Mahatma Phule Road,Naigaon, Dadar, Mumbai (Maharashtra
Youth wing Purogami Yuvak Sanghatna
ECI Status Registered Party[1]
Politics of India
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The Peasants and Workers Party of India (Marathi: भारतीय शेतकरी कामगार पक्ष, Bharatiya Shetkari Kamgar Paksha, abbreviated शेकाप/SheKaPa), is a marxist political party in Maharashtra, India. The party was founded in 1947, having its roots from the pre-Independence period and has around 10,000 members.[2] The influence of the party is largely limited to three districts.The party was founded in maharashtra by Tulsidas Jadhav, Keshavrao Jedhe and More.

Member of legislative council of Maharashtra, Mr. Jayant Prabhakar Patil, is the chairperson and Prof. S. V. Jadhav is a general secretary of the party. The party has 4 MLAs and 1 MLC. The party has a strong hold on Raigad District as well as party has Zilla Parishad members in 6 districts of Maharashtra(Raigad,Solapur,Nashik,Nagpur,Nanded,Parabhani)

The students organization of the party is called Purogami Yuvak Sanghatna.

Currently it is part of RIDALOS - Republican Left Democratic Front.


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