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Peat mining near the health resorts Bad Aibling and Bad Feilnbach in Bavaria

A peat pulp bath is a bath prepared of peat pulp from wetlands. Balneotherapy in form of peat pulp baths is offered in many health resorts.


Paracelsus described "moor" as a remedy for certain diseases. Later, soldiers of Napoleon learnt about peat pulp and mud baths in Egypt and brought this knowledge to Europe. Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother gave command to erect the first health resort with peat applications for his troops after the Battle of Leipzig in Bad Nenndorf. However, already 1802 a peat pulp resort has been alleged to exist in Bad Pyrmont. In the 19th century, peat pulp resorts have been founded in many European health resorts including Marienbad (1813), Franzensbad (1827), Karlsbad (1836) and Bad Aibling (1845).

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