Pebbles, Volume 4 (ESD Records)

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Pebbles, Volume 4
Compilation album
Released 1990
Recorded Mid-1960s
Genre Garage rock, psychedelic rock
Label ESD Records
Pebbles, Volume 3 (ESD Records) Pebbles, Volume 4 (ESD Records)

Pebbles, Volume 4 is a compilation album among the CDs in the Pebbles series and is a completely different album from the Pebbles, Volume 4 CD that was released by AIP Records in 1992.

Release data[edit]

This album was released by ESD Records in 1990 as #ESD-80372.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

Unlike AIP's Pebbles, Volume 4 – which features surf rock rarities and curiosities – this CD has garage rock songs that are similar to the earlier CDs released by ESD Records. As with ESD's Pebbles, Volume 3, the album has several familiar songs for Pebbles fans and others that are not so familiar. For instance, the cover of "Like a Rolling Stone" was on Pebbles, Volume 1, and "It's Cold Outside" was on Pebbles, Volume 2. The Remains is a renowned Boston band that was featured on the original Nuggets compilation album. Most of these are American bands, but Q65, for one is Dutch; and the Golden Cups are Japanese.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Soup Greens: "Like A Rolling Stone"; Rel. 1966
  2. The Grains Of Sand: "She Needs Me"; Rel. 1966
  3. The Painted Faces: "Anxious Color"; Rel. 1967
  4. We The People: "You Burn Me Up And Down"; Rel. 1966
  5. New Colony Six: "At The River's Edge"; Rel. 1966
  6. The Remains: "You Got A Hard Time Coming"; Rel. 1967
  7. The Vejtables: "Feel The Music"; Rel. 1966
  8. Things To Come: "I'm Not Talkin'"; Rel. 1966
  9. The Rogues: "Train Kept A Rollin'"; Rel. 1966
  10. The Teddy Boys: "Mona"; Rel. 1966
  11. The Grains Of Sand: "Goin' Away, Baby"; Rel. 1966
  12. Brandywines: "She Ain't No Good"
  13. The Clefs Of Lavender Hill: "Stop! Get A Ticket"; Rel. 1966
  14. The Choir: "It's Cold Outside"; Rel. 1966
  15. Dutch Masters: "The Expectation"; Rel. 1967
  16. The Four Fifths: "If You Still Want Me"; Rel. 1966
  17. Pat Farrell & The Believers: "Bad Woman"; Rel. 1968
  18. Floyd Dakil Combo: "Dance Franny Dance"; Rel. 1964
  19. The Shandells: "Gorilla"; Rel. 1964
  20. The Gents: "If You Don't Come Back"; Rel. 1966
  21. Q65: "I Got Nightmares"; Rel. 1966
  22. The Golden Cups: "Giniro No Glass"; Rel. 1967
  23. The Roks: "Hey Joe"
  24. Mad Sound: "To Masturbate"; Rel. 1968